The project is being developed in cooperation with the Crisis_Managment_Plattform This project is a new type of research and an unprecedented global project that connects scientists, researchers and inventors in a way that has never existed before.

The data, which is crucial for research, is compiled internationally and is available to all researchers, scientists and inventors of this platform.

However, this is not just an international scientific project, it also includes a sociological project. It is a triple scientific project that has a great future. Ask yourself the question of what progress we can make in all areas of research if, instead of 200 scientists, 50,000 scientists, researchers and inventors research the projects together. With an incredible range of knowledge and ideas Thum bundled on a platform for the benefit of all people. The planning and organizational measures result from the association of international scientists, researchers and inventors. With the help of this platform, they organize virtual meetings to conduct research. Data is analyzed by a team of experts and integrated into the platform, so that everyone on this platform is always up to date with the latest research. Users of this platform also have the opportunity To propose a certain page, for example a research institute, to our team and after an examination by a team and consultation with the operator of the page, this is intrigued, and research institutions can have your page integrated so that all users on the platform see the information on the page The good thing about this platform is that users can organize themselves, plan meetings and exchange information at any time. At the same time, users have the opportunity to publish their discoveries internationally with all users of the platform.

Who is actually behind this whole campaign?

My name is Michael Rhein, I managed the patent exploitation TIZ-NORD Wilhelmshaven Technical Innovation Center for Research and Patent Exploitation. When the pandemic started, I thought about the options for dealing with this crisis as quickly as possible. So in the beginning I looked for solutions on my own until I noticed that the solution can be found right here. Because of this, I thought about how I could bring as many people as possible together to find a solution together. However, it was clear to me from the beginning that this would only be possible with experts in the fields of science, research and the inventions or medical means of the inventors resulting therefrom and so I developed the project of the research platform. I was aware that this would and will present me with enormous challenges, but I will be able to master these together with everyone.

What about the rights?

I have long considered how to organize the legal part of this platform. Now I have found a solution for this too. All those who register on this platform simply agree that the rights to the research results made on the research platform, inventions for the benefit of mankind, to all users registered on the platform who are involved in the creation of this invention, solution or the research results are evenly distributed . This is an optimal solution for doing research together. To implement this regulation, users accept the general terms and conditions of the platform, in which all legal points are defined.

What does it look like financially? Who finances the whole thing?

This platform is not about making the greatest possible profit, rather it is about developing things together that can avoid such a situation as Coovid-19 or at least bring about a quick solution. I try to get political funding from the governments from which the scientists, inventors and researchers come, which are then distributed to the respective research institutes, scientists, researchers and inventors, for this I will put together a finance team. We are all human beings, we all live on this planet, let's develop technologies and opportunities together that we may not even be able to imagine today. This platform, like all of us, lives from constant change and adaptation. Together we all develop this platform, so we become part of it.

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