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It's common for universities and other academic institutions to have private networks for sharing research. This can limit knowledge accessibility and reduce author exposure.


An open data sharing platform for research, powered by Ocean Protocol.

Research hub creates a niche marketplace for scientific research with an exclusive and separate category created in the Ocean marketplace for 'research' related items. We leveraged the existing tools and components offered by the 'commons' data set search to power this marketplace.

The commons marketplace serves more general purposes - ResearchHub is for searching and uploading research papers and corresponding data sets. A domain-specific marketplace can accelerate development by enabling researchers to share and combine data sets.

Running the project

yarn start

Open http://localhost:3001 to view the client in the browser.

Roughly based off the 'commons' ocean open data set network.

Future work

  • Create dynamic cost/ocean fees depending on the particular upload. Fees can be set by uploader.
  • Add user accounts and profile tracking.
  • Accelerate development by enabling researcher to share and combine data sets in semi-private channels (i.e. not completely public).
  • Enable academics across institutions to critique and comment on other work in an open format.

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