Courses in the academic curriculum many a times involve paper discussions and presentations. This requires the student to read the paper and understand the core idea of the paper along with all the technical jargon. A lot of background reading is required for the same, which takes a lot of time.

What it does

-Provide an easy way to convey the idea of the research paper with the help of collaboration. -Know what other students/professors understand from the paper and get the gist of it.

How we built it

-Pylon framework (Python server) -MongoDB (DB) -Material Design (HTML, JS, CSS) -Marvel App(Design Prototype)

Challenges we ran into

-Providing the best possible way to involve students in collaborating the work, -Integrating various modules (pylon code, DB, frontend code)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Developed a working prototype of the Research Forum platform -Created Materialized Design prototype using Marvelapp tool -Successfully solved the problem we were facing by building a web-based system for it. -Deployed it on AWS instance for the live environment.

What we learned

-Materialized Designs for Front End -Hosting on AWS -Developing Web Services and consuming.

What's next for Research Forum

-Improve recommendation of Post feeds -Scaling System -Enhancing user experience and processing speed. -Extending this idea to mobile App. -Additional features such as grouping based on universities and related communities.

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