We are four friends who enjoy outdoor activities (horse riding, climbing, hiking and adventure sports in general). When we do these activities we feel that in these situations we don't have any security system in order to assure our rescue in case of accident. Lot of times, we don't have phone signal for many hours. Taking this into account we decide to fill the gap =)

What it does

We have developed a solution that makes posible to find people in need (injured, lost...) even in remote locations.

The next three situations sumaraize some of the use cases of our system:

-The needed person has internet connection available. so our device notifies to his/her contact person with the exact coordinates of it's location. Also it warns nearby users where is a person in need.

-If the needed person has no internet, but there is somebody nearby with our system. With rescueMe, anyone can be found whatever they have suffered from, wherever it is and what any adverse comunicative conditions they have. Our system relies into several communicative ways of transmit information to rescue teams, for example, the Radio Frequency tecnology, GPS, GSM networks.. etc... also aplying some concepts of disrupted networks.

-In the worst case we can run into is the case in which someone has an accident in a zone without any kind of connectivity or near mates to help him. Our system will provide online the tracked path of the accidented person until the moment of connectivity loss. In conjuntion with the RF transponding capability of the system, it make as easy to find the person as follow the tracked path and listen to the RF transponder.

How we built it

RescueMe uses a huge variety of high end tecnologies: -Android App's -Arduino's and Expansion modules. -FireBase database and servers. -Google push notification system. -High tech caffeine drinks =) -...

RescueMe is a System which integrates hardware and sofware skills

Challenges we ran into

We don't have skills in all of the technologies and protocols that integrates RescueMe so, we have to learn a lot of things. One of the most difficult tasks we ran into is to solve the malfunction of hardware pieces and deal with their very restrictive limitations. Also we have some troubles with Bluetooth connection.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To develop a functional system able to save lifes To learn how to connect differents pieces in a non-homgeneous system To improve teamworking To resolve by ourserlves the challenges we find

What we learned

Using FIrebase system, develop Android apps, create Arduino embedded systems and integrate all of these

What's next for RescueMe

We want to build a better solution increasing the specs of the hardware used, adding a users authentication system, improving the ways to detect an accident, etc

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