We've been inspired by the deck provided by Accenture folks. There's a number of massively important problems that have to do with communications in case of a disaster. We ourselves came for the hackathon from Poland where we had plenty of natural disasters strike our country this year - the problem we're trying to solve is real.

What it does

It allows people to communicate with other people in the same geographical area, receive broadcasts from emergency services and get the help they need.

How we built it

It's an iOS app powered by Hyphenate chat service with a very simple backend and Nexmo phone number which you can dial into

Challenges we ran into

Our initial assumption to use websockets in conjunction with Nexmo turned out to be SUPER-time consuming and we ended up wasting 4 hours on it just to find out we won't make it in time. We decided to get rid of websockets to complete the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've built a functional iOS app MVP in less than 24 hours, we'll probably need another week to polish it to make it launchable. We're committed!

What we learned

We've learned a ton of new APIs from Nexmo and Hyphenate and other hackathon sponsors! We also learned that websocket programming does have some learning curve ;)

What's next for RescueApp

We plan to launch the app after we recover from jetlag and sleep depravation ;)

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