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  • Over 1,50,000 people were killed in road accidents in 2015
  • We can save 50% of the road accident victims if we can help them get Medical Attention on time.
  • There are several cases where none of the people not even bothered to inform the police or call an ambulance.
  • So this is our Inspiration that we can atleast save some lives and make an impact in the society.

What it does

RescueBot is the cure of any kind of emergency attention you need. Its a platform-independent Instant Accident Reporting system and also a Emergency search engine for finding safety-tips, nearby hospital/police numbers and location and much more. For reporting an accident, all you need is to Send a photo or click a button and the world is at your rescue. With RescueBot you can :

  • Send just an image of the situation, the rescue bot will intelligently determine your location type of accident and guide you with the
  • Most appropriate steps to do at that situation.
  • Directly connect to police/hospital/fire_brigade.
  • If you're stuck with some emergency, Alert your relatives with your location.

New Features

  • Now RescueBot also monitors natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, etc in your area and gives you alert messages if there's any such event happening. It also provides you with the safety tips corresponding to the type of disasters.
  • Also now you can view the details of all the recent disasters that happened in your city.

Why a chatbot only?

  • You don't require to install some specific apps.
  • All you need is a Facebook Account, so literally our app is on Billions of devices.
  • Fast access to everything.
  • All platforms are covered.
  • Natural language is more expressive than buttons and menus.

How RescueBot can save life

This will require a bit of support of government, Police stations, Fire centers and Hospitals. What we can do if establish an Realtime Nearby Accident Alert System at Police stations, Fire centers and Hospitals which can be continuosly monitored. While there are several ways for this here's a simple way.

  • Whenever an accident or emergency situation is reported we can send a customized SMS (with accident location to the police stations/hospitals etc.)
  • Also as we're continuously posting these messages to twitter we can also make a system for the hospitals/police stations etc that if the tweet is corresponding to them they'll get an alert with the image as well as the location and then they can act on it accordingly.
  • The advantage of this method is hospitals/ police stations etc will also be able to see the images which can help them to prepare for the accident prior.
  • Also as we're also posting to social media general people are also aware of accidents and can avoid traffic jams, or take another route that's more safe.

Note : As of now we're using twitter but this functionality can be implemented on different platform if required. We're flexible to all the technologies we are using right now. The only thing that is important is the proof of concept that this is actually possible to develop a efficient system that can provide fast access to police/ambulance/fire_truck to people in emergency.


Just tap the menu button at the left bottom to start interacting. Options :

  • If you're at any accident location, choose Report Accident
  • To find nearest emergency contact number or location, choose Find Nearest Emergency Numbers
  • To consult our virtual doctor and get quick instructions, choose Virtual Doctor
  • To alert your family and contacts, chose Alert Family and Friends To enter your location just turn on your GPS and send your location via messenger.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

And most AWESOME things about it is

  • The chatbot can cater to 1 Billion people in case of emergency.
  • No app, no website required.
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence for Image recognition and after-steps.
  • No balance required to make emergency calls and sms alerts.
  • Acts instantaneously
  • All the emergency resources just a tap away. .

What's next for RescueBot

  • Seek government support to establish a Real time accident reporting system in the country.
  • It will get more smarter with more AI
  • We want to make it the ultimate helpful resource for Emergencies by including more advanced features than this.


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