The inspiration was brought upon us from Niko currently streaming under the nickname PlayRescue. Through his streams he advertises the charity behind Odsherred Zoo Rescue, which is the first rescue center for exotic animals in Denmark. He is also a game developer and is currently building a MMORPG. We want to support his charity by contributing through a free extension. All winnings from this competition will also go to his company to support the development of the game.

What it does

The extension allows loggedin users to directly add a game account to the database. Afterwards the user will be able to earn ingame currency by watching the stream or through buying the currency with bits. All profit will go to charity.

How we built it

The extension itself is build in ReactJS. The API communication goes to a AWS API Gateway with different Lambda-Function, depending on the API call, behind it. The Lambda-Function are calling the game database and adding the content coming from the extension. The auth is a API-Key which is stored within a .env file.

Challenges we ran into

We only had approxemately 1 week to polish the mockup we had. So time was not in our favor. We only learned about this competition 9 days ago and had to get the confirmation from PlayRescue to participate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All we did in the past week was a marathon. I'm am proud of the good team work we had within our little company and I'm happy to have found a partner, who's is a enthusiastic about coding as I am.

What we learned

JavaScript has many perks, but also many flaws. If you are used to programming in OOP, JS, even within the ReacJS-Framework, seems sometimes overcomplicated.

What's next for Rescue Wars Online

We need to wait for the game to develop more, but we want to add the Twitch-Auth both in the extension, as in the game. The game will be a twitch exclusive.

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