I love designing and developing games, also I have a passion for new tecnology like VR, so I thought in a cooperative game, when I saw a video to deactivate a bomb with a friend and a VR so why not doing a bit more difficult and put them in a maze.

What it does

Is the first level of the game you can go collect your captured friends, find the key and exit. You can also fight with some enemies

How I built it

It was build with unity 5 with the cardboard sdk and test in a BQ Aquarius 5, and the models are original,

Challenges I ran into

Learning how VR works, it's the first time I made one and also the UI how to make a selection, As I'm not a 3D artist but I try that the models where original so I have to create some prototypes of them, also all the art work is kind of difficult for me I'm more a programmer. Organize my time to achieve a playable app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's a playable app with a lot of work in it, and I think to be an idiviudal work for three weeks it's complete. It's a cooperative game where one have to think the way with less enemies and the other need to follow really good the instructions

What I learned

How VR works, the use of the UI is really different from making a normal game.

What's next for Rescue and Escape

Adding more levels, and enemies Add the maps in a multiplayer app so the friend helping you can track your move Add more items in the map to get better instructions Add more weapons Find a 3D modeler, animator to improve the models and animations

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