Inspiration - There has been a drastic increase in the crime against women over the last few decades. Women once considered as a Goddess is now considered as a mere sexual object. Including the Raichur , Delhi rape cases made us rethink of the women security and it inspired us to solve this issue.

What it does - This is an app + electronic device. The user in an emergency situation can press the push button on the device and it will trigger a signal to the phone connected to this device. The phone on receiving this signal will vibrate for a given duration as set by the user and also wait for a specific time duration before sending the sms. It will send an sms with the live gps location to the ones in the contact list requesting for the help and simultaneously the shock will be activated for self defence. The video and audio recording will begin automatically to store the evidence of the issue. The device will also sound a distress alarm continuously.

How we built it - We split our work into 3 domains. Karthik took care of the hardware part , I [Jithin] took care of integrating the hardware with the software [Android App] and Shivani took care of integrating the machine learning part to predict the location with higher risk.

Challenges we ran into - We faced a lot of issues with integrating the device with the app as it was the first time we tried something like this. Integrating R with Firebase took a longer time than expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We are extremely happy with the product and the progress we made during the 30 hour hack and it went as we planned. There were volunteers who appreciated our idea as it was relevant and actually solving a problem.

What we learned - We learnt more on Android studio , worked with Firebase , R studio and Arduino programming.

What's next for Rescue - We plan to integrate Machine Learning based risk predictor, Fall detection for old people, Cross Platform Application, Police and Hospital locations on the app,Reporting locations with risk using the app,Collect details if travelling for security reasons after 6 PM and

Various designs and customization

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