Cardiac arrest can come out of nowhere. From statistic gathered from 2017, 46.1% of those incidents outside of hospital had bystanders performing CPR with only a 12% survival rate. We wanted to create a way for a bystander who hasn't has great training to be able to help. Our vision is that we want it to work for all kinds of medical emergencies.

What it does

Rescu-AR uses augmented reality to guide someone who has never used it through CPR and AED steps to try and save a life.

How we built it

Vuforia API and Unity for the main application with some C# running to provide logic to the augmented reality

Challenges we ran into

No one in our group had done augmented reality before this project. We also had no clue what project we were going to do when we showed up.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a life saving device. Learning augmented reality and seeing what was just an idea flourish into a working prototype.

What we learned

Augmented reality, C#, Unity, Vuforia, 3D object creation.

What's next for Rescu-AR

Expand to multiple emergency scenarios so that we can save as many people as possible.

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