Inspiration I am an orthopaedic surgery resident, who thought of the idea of an electronic call sheet while being busy on hospital call.

The app digitizes the call information transfer process, so that every member of the call team is synced at all times. Typically, the junior resident (me) gets a call about a patient, write the information on paper, then find my senior resident to transfer the information in person. With a digital call information system, all I would have to do is enter the information, and every person on my team will know about the patient.

The app was built with javascript, mysql, node, and express on backened, and jQuery for frontend.

Challenges I ran into: minor issues with tweaking the frontend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - delivering an app that is ready to be used.

What I learned Teamwork is very important.

What's next for ResCall: Talk to hospitals to adopt the system, and encrypt the code for security.

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