We were inspired by the recent natural disasters and catastrophes that have been happening around the world. This project is something that can have an immense impact on saving victims lives' by crowd sourcing help in times of need.

What it does

RES-Q is an mobile app that let's you utilize your IoT device to mark victims as safe during a time of need by using GPS location services and facial recognition.

How we built it

We built this mobile app on top of Ionic 4 that uses a Google Maps API to track victims that may be around you. We spun up a FireBase DB and built on top of that using AngularFire, an Angular 4 library for Firebase. We send data to and from the server. We used Python to incorporate the Microsoft Azure API facial recognition service, processed through a stateless AWS Lambda server that is triggered through AWS API Gateway.

Challenges we ran in to

We wanted to utilize a lot of the great tech that's already out there, so we got to dive deep into some services or API's that some of the team has never even touched before. Facial recognition and photo processing on the AWS Lambda cloud service was very foreign because none of us had dealt with images in this way before. It took hours of research, blood/sweat/tears to get the URL data into Binary Large OBject form so it could be processed.


We were very excited when we finally got the GPS services running, especially with the facial recognition verification. The team was very diverse with our skillset, so some of us got to work in an area we may have not been comfortable with, but we learned immensely in the end.

What we learned

Many of us got a broader understanding of all the useful tools that are out there. There is a great spectrum of things to use for everyone's nitch to get things done. Some way, some how, there is always a way to incorporate everyone's passion into a project.

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