Inspiration : Our own childhood. We came to a common conclusion in our discussions that the way we got to know about animals and monuments was a very discontinuous process. We knew what a lion was but never heard roar.

What this app/project does is that it enables students to firstly see a lion, hear his roar and know a little about him both by reading and hearing.

What it does: Is lets the students to completely

How we built it: We built it using Unity3D. It's a game engine. Scripting is done with C#. We made the assets ourselves and few pictures were downloaded from Google.

Challenges I ran into: There were many things that we did of the first time in this hackathon. Incorporating ray-casting and collides for different image recognition was a challenge.

What's next for Rerum: We are thinking for expanding the number of charts that can be augmented and then uploading it as a mobile app for free. More 3D models can be added. There are various implementations we are thinking pursuing some of them.

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