Our idea is to create an app that makes navigation safer and more transparent. Safe routes are hard to predict - crime varies block by block in major cities. Newcomers in a city usually do not know the safest routes to take. Google Maps does not account for dangerous streets or alleyways in their route recommendations. Instead, our app finds the lowest risk routes, optimizing both the user’s time and safety. We consider doing this with an algorithm that predicts the risk of entering a certain area using high-profile crime data (murders, kidnappings, assaults) rather than any arrest (small crimes and misdemeanors, possession of marijuana, etc.) from the FBI Crime Explorer. Then, by identifying the safest path, we route users away from high risk areas. Our app additionally provides a button for situations where a user feels they’re in danger, which reroutes them to the nearest public area (store, supermarket, park). By making walking safer in big cities, we encourage people to walk more, decreasing our carbon footprints.

Built With

  • figma
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