Let's be honest, it happened to us at least once that we rushed with the story, send it to our team without enough information or missing acceptance criteria. Sometimes we just scribble few words and hope that team will understand.

After a few years working with remote teams, we found out that well-written story makes happier and more productive teams.

We always make sure they're written in simple plain language so they're easy to understand for non-native speakers. Stories should also include motivation to give more context and of course acceptance criteria.

What it does

Requirements Checker analyzes issue description to see if the following criteria are met:

Does user story have correct format? The format should be As [a product manager] I [want to do something] so [I can achieve this]

Did you include the motivation section in your story?

Are there acceptance criteria or requirements included?

If any of the above is missing in the description Requirements Checker gives tips to improve.

It also analyses the readability of the text and ranks is with English level - 5th grade is easiest to read to Professional which is hardest based on Flesch–Kincaid readability scale.

You can access the results from the issue detail by clicking on the User story checker field.

How I built it

We used the text-readability library to interpret how easy or complicated the language is and we built a utility function to check if requirements are meet.

Challenges I ran into

Limitations in Forge, we wanted to add the FAILED/PASSED status of the issue requirements in a lozenge on the Glance tab. This would’ve enabled user to quickly understand if the requirements list needs attention. Unfortunately, as with a lot of other things this is not currently possible with Forge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Pretty small and clean app.

What I learned

That there’s no way to send dynamic data to the glance tab

What's next for Requirements Checker

Requirements checker is a small motivational app that could be released for free to the Atlassian marketplace once Forge is publicly available.

We might think of giving an option to customize what checks should be done on the description to make it really usefull for every team and project.

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