restrictions keep people from viewing what the world has to offer complications as varied as physical and mental health can keep an individual indoors or bedridden

What it does

We provide a service valuable to those experience these hardships. reQuest connects viewers and explorers. Viewers request or join adventures and explorers go on the adventures. The app allows for live streaming from the explorer's adventure to the viewer's phone or computer so they too can see the world. The app encourages increased activity among explorers as well as provides a service to the viewers.

example: John Doe, an 8 year old, is at Barnes Jewish Hospital with a broken leg and must stay there for a couple weeks. He really wants to see the arch during his time in St. Louis so he requests that someone go to the arch and live stream their experience. Jane is a Wash U. CS student looking for something to do with her day and looks at requests on the app. She sees John's request and decides she could help him out while enjoying herself in downtown St. Louis. During the experience John and Jane get to know each other.

How we built it

JavaScript and html code in WebStorm using meteor

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for reQuest

Built With

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