The Beginning of Something Great

Four ambitious developers decide to work on an application that will help younger people (and older people alike) to vote smarter. The goal of this extension is to let the user access information about politicians more easily by displaying data about them above their name in web pages. Our hackers quickly discover that JavaScript will be an essential part to creating this extension.

The Journey Begins

None of our hackers know any JavaScript and that is where their journey starts: learning JavaScript. At first JavaScript is frustrating and confusing and then after several hours, it still is. But the hackers don't give up and set out a plan for then next day.

Progress is Made

The new day is promising because mentors have arrived! Two most excellent mentors help the hackers with JavaScript. After many hours, some serious progress is made, especially thanks to the mentors. One of the hardest parts was searching the webpages with JavaScript for specific tags and injecting tags and CSS attributes back into the DOM (to find and mark the politicians).

An Extension is Born

After lots of trial and error the extension is finally a real extension. It can be used in a normal Firefox window. The only thing separating it from a real extension is that it is not published (yet).
Currently in version 0.1 and in Beta Testing

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