Challenge #2: Water Risk Exposure Propose a framework of (-water related) reputational risk exposure.

Reputational Risk is the risk of possible damage to our brand and reputation, and the associated risk to earnings, capital or liquidity, arising from any association, action or inaction which could be perceived by stakeholders to be inappropriate, unethical or inconsistent with the companies values and beliefs.

The reputational risk management console is a voice assisted reputational risk management framework. Bild with node.js and the Alexa Skill Kit on Amazon AWS.

The Reputational Risk Framework �covers the process through which active decisions are taken on matters which may pose a reputational risk, before such risk materializes, and, in doing so, prevent damage to the companies reputation wherever possible. Presented as an Infografik created with Canva.

Built With

  • node.js-amazon-alexa
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