We wanted to do something different, with a device that is new to both of us.

What it does

Kittens are falling from heaven, but they are fragile creatures and can not handle long drops. You need to create a safe route for the kittens - out of real-life objects!

How we built it

Unity luckily supports Hololens, so we went the easiest route. Hololens creates all the collision geometry for us, so the levels are created 100% by the player as he/she plays.

Challenges we ran into

Getting new hardware to work always takes time, it took us the whole of Friday evening to get things sorted and something to show up on the device. The iteration loop with Hololens is quite slow, you need to build fron unity and then deploy from Visual Studio.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Doing something new, something which seems to intrigue people. The scope of work was planned well, i.e. conservative enough, so we made what we planned to.

What we learned

We learned to do a game with minimal UI interaction, as interaction with the hololens is a bit gimmicky

What's next for Purrgatory

Polish! Different levels More varied gameplay, e.g. fire you need to route kittens over

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