We are a team originally from the developing part of the world. Therefore, we have seen the trouble of unsustainable housing, difficulty obtaining houses, and what those problems lead to. However, this is not just a developing countries problem, it is also prevalent in the developed countries. This motivated us all to pursue this hackathon and tackle this challenge. Houses in urban areas, especially in cities like Toronto are very high and mostly not accessible for middle-class families as well. Hence, we wanted to increase both financial and environmental sustainability.

What does our solution do?

  1. Incorporates the leased land model to increase affordability along with easy-to-develop sustainable elements.
  2. Improves the quality of life for people whose income levels are low
  3. Analyzes how our solution is less financially intensive on the buyers.

Challenges and Accomplishments

  1. Learning about the green aspects of civil engineering and construction, as well as about the policies and funding initiatives specific to Canada was a challenge, considering we are all chemical engineers.
  2. We also found it a bit hard to integrate both sustainability and affordability, but we managed to find a solution that caters to both of these key aspects in a short time.
  3. We also faced challenges in working collaboratively, as our team members were from varying time zones, but eventually it enhanced our team management skills that are especially necessary for the virtual world

What's next for us?

  1. Integration of technology into building sustainable, affordable accommodation for everyone, creation of websites or applications.
  2. Using existing 3D printing techniques in retrofits.

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