The graphic style is inspired by old fashioned video games. In fact, the colour palette I'm using is taken directly from the NES console, from 1983. Another inspiration for the game's aesthetic is Portal, in the way that the game's set in a lonely and sort of post-apocalyptic sort of environment.

The actual gameplay was something my friends and I came up with before I came here. It went through many iterations, where the mechanics worked slightly different.

What it does

It's a platformer game with a simple mechanic - you can switch bodies with enemies by shooting them. This can help you to solve puzzles.

How I built it

I used the Godot game engine. It makes a lot of things (e.g., collision detection, animated sprites, etc.) much easier to implement than my previous go-to game library of choice, SFML for C++. Godot uses it's own language called GDScript which I'm not a massive fan of, but oh well.

Challenges I ran into

This is my second project using Godot so I'm far from being able to use all of it's features, and I kept forgetting how to do simple things in it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the sprites that I drew. I'm usually very bad at drawing walking animations, but I think it went quite well.

What I learned

Lots about the Godot engine.

What's next for Repurpose

So much that I want to do:

  • New enemies which you can switch with, and with whom when switched will change what the player is able to do. For example, a large or heavy enemy, when switched with, could allow the play to break through weak wooden floorboards to access a different area. A small enemy could allow the player to access narrow gaps.

  • Many more levels. It's very difficult to come up with puzzles, and I want to make more of them.

  • A soundtrack.

  • Make it feel smoother to play, nicer level transitions, nicer animations, etc.

Built With

  • godot
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