ReportMojo is an advanced reporting platform for Infusionsoft with Mobile Reporting capablities.

Dashboard reports are developed by us and deployed to our users. Questions and Feedback is received through an online community. The community can suggest new report ideas, questions about existing reports, ask about custom reporting or get help.

All Reports are accessible from an online iPhone application you can download from the App Store called MobiSSRS since ReportMojo is built on top of Enterprise Reporting Standards.

ReportMojo's visual reports will help any business understand their data with much greater detail such as: Week by week list growth, growth in terms of percentages, revenue growth compared to last year, Opportunity reporting, etc.

ReportMojo can import custom fields, tags, saved searches, and any other associated API data for advanced reporting.

There is also a possibility to upload other third party data to ReportMojo's central repository for integrated reporting since all users have their own secured SQL Server Datbase.

API updates and snapshot downloads are all handled by ReportMojo on an automated basis.

ReportMojo is here to become the leader in Business Analaytics and Reporting for Infusionsoft Users.

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