Hands-free, hassle-free property inspections.

What it does

Take Microsoft Hololens on a tour through your flat and reportAR will create a 3D-model of it.

Use intuitive hand gestures to add labels with pictures in the rooms.

As result, you get a model of your flat, which can be exported to your data storage and sent to craftsmen.

How we built it

The reportAR application for Microsoft Hololens is built with Unity, making use of the MixedRealityToolkit.

Challenges we ran into

  • Setup of Hololens.
  • Generate the virtual model.
  • Effectively tag onto the model.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Working prototype.
  • Real benefit for landlords, tenants and craftsmen.

What we learned

  • Unity
  • Spatial Mapping
  • MixedReality Toolkit

What's next for reportAR

Make the model available in different formats, in a web application, as 2D-map, as video with tags.

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