We would like to make the handling contract life easier. 3 clicks are enough to manage your correspondence concerning your financial transactions. So you can save money and time to use it in a meaningful way.

What it does

Provides you a simple opportunity to get in contact with your financial partners. So you can make quicker and easier decisions about your contracts. Get in contact within 3 clicks!

How I built it

It's build for mobile application (esp. IOS). It's coded in C - objective. With interfaces to API from Gini and UBIS.

Challenges I ran into

The main topic is premium services with mobile app for private banking.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A great idea, team and a easy simple app application.

What I learned

Great people and the easy way is the best solution. A simple working app!

What's next for ReplyTiger

Sharing with the bank users!


Built With

  • gini-sdk
  • o
  • ubis
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