After struggling to do a simple, single task with Twilio, I decided it would be very helpful if there were an expanded version of the Rapid Response Kit available - A tool that allows users to use the Twilio API to accomplish simple tasks - no coding required.

What it does

ReplyGenius at it's core, is an entire easy-to-use framework for Twilio integrations. The integrations that have been implemented so far, are Echo, SMS Forwarding, Slack messaging, Google Spreadsheets (which can be used for gathering feedback, running a sweepstakes contest, survey answers, and Polls.

When generating an integration, your phone number is integrated right from ReplyGenius, so you don't need to struggle with figuring out what to put where on the Twilio callbacks page.

The system will also generate simple usage stats, using data gathered from the Twilio API, and includes the ability to send announcements to all users who have messaged one/all of your integrations.

How I built it

ReplyGenius is built using PHP5.5, Doctrine2, Symfony Components (namely Routing and HTTPFoundation), and the Twilio API.

Challenges I ran into

Writing the core of the application took much more time than anticipated - I would have liked to have added more integrations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works!

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