As smartworkers we love our freedom. And it's freedom that we drew our inspiration from. Being Jira users, there were two key issues that bothered us. Firstly, accessing Jira from non-PC devices wasn’t always practical. Secondly, having to leave the current platform to check our tasks was frustrating. This is what prompted us to develop a chatbot that could be integrated in different environments and easily accessed at any time from any place. From that, we got carried away and felt that we could add more value to Replio by helping Agile and Atlassian newbies master the key concepts.

What it does

Replio is an AI-powered multi-platform chatbot which makes it easy to quickly access your Jira information, log your work, comment your tasks and assign them to your collaborators from any device. It saves you the inconvenience of opening Jira every time you need to perform an action as well as the frustration when you access it via non-PC devices. Replio can also be of great help to those who work within the Agile framework but are not Agile gurus. Replio answers questions such as “Define scrum”, “What is meant by definition of done?” or “Who are personas?”. It also knows a lot about the Atlassian products and can dispel all your doubts. The strength of Replio is that it understands natural language so there’s no need to learn fixed commands or phrases. Based on machine learning, it keeps learning every day. And it gets better. Replio is a real dynamic virtual assistant.

How we built it

Replio was built on AI and NLP resources. We created two knowledge bases, one for Agile concepts, the other for the Atlassian products. The technologies that were exploited are Atlassian Connect, Nodejs (backend). Deploy is based on Heroku and Google Cloud Platform.

Challenges we ran into

Developing multi-platform software is always a challenge. Every platform has its own specific features so we had a bit of a hard time standardizing user experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have taught Replio to perform a diversified range of tasks. Despite having very little time, we created an assistant that does what it’s supposed to and can converse naturally with the users. We are happy to have stood by our values of freedom and agility and to share them with Replio users.

What we learned

Having always used Scrum, for this plugin we decided to turn to Kanban, which was entirely new to us. Also, we improved our Slack knowledge.

What's next for Replio for Jira

Our short-term aim is to expand the range of functionalities that can be performed through Replio. Our final goal is for Replio to be able to interact with all the Atlassian products. We view Replio for Jira as the first of many Replio skills. We are working towards the development of the skills Replio for Confluence, Replio for Service Desk and Replio for Bitbucket.

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