2019 Tech CreateHer Hackathon

Project Overview:

Our project's mission is to help implement smarter strategies to reducing waste and recycling and to educate local communities on the importance of building substainability locally to prevent global issues related to pollution. Our website includes helpful tools such as a map that displays locations where our users could find recycling centers near them, in addition to upcoming projects designed to make recycling easier than it's ever been.

Upcoming developments:

Our application is designed to associate with upgraded versions of reverse vending recycling machines similar to those found at supermarkets as well as a user's bank account. Our vision is that these upgraded machines would be available to all residential and business real estate, making recycling easy and convenient. A user would log into the app, associate with the specific machine they wish to use, deposit their recyclables, and then have their payment direct deposited into their bank account, effectively creating a situation where recycling is not only convenient, but also profitable.

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