reParrot is an iOS app that helps patients in opioid recovery get their life back together. Through chatbots and recovery sessions, and now with the power of Neura and Affectiva, reParrot makes recovery a breeze.


  • Chatbots with conversations based on how the user is feeling
  • Real recovery sessions based on where the user is
  • The Neura SDK was used to determine user whereabouts throughout the day. This data is analyzed by the app to determine the psychological and physical health of the user as well as their safety.
  • Affectiva SDK runs face scans on the user to gauge expressions and mood. A general analysis and graphical representation of the data is produced.

What I learned

I'd never used web hooks before, and I've always been kind of scared of asynchronous programming in Swift, but I was got over that

What's next for reParrot

The idea is arguably the most valuable aspect of reParrot, and the interface will gradually be improved in the future to sync with other features. Hopefully the ugly looks at this stage in development don't put off you guys!

  • Syncing the Neura and Affectiva SDK into reParrot's original features: Chatbot topics based on user emotions, calendar based on user whereabouts, etc.
  • Much better UI
  • Social aspect of recovery
  • Machine learning for better data analysis

Testing Instructions

To test the Neura SDK, go to the Activity tab (should be the first one that pops up) and tap the settings icon on the top right

  1. Press the “Login to Neura button” in the middle of the screen and follow the steps
  2. Wait a bit once you finish logging in as the app updates with Neura data
  3. It will return to the main Activity screen and you may click on any of the cells to look at more information on where the user went and at what times.

For the Affectiva SDK, go to the Analysis tab, second from the left, and press on the camera icon in the top right

  1. Keep your face in view of the camera for a few seconds, enough to display your emotions, and then press done.
  2. You can view what the analysis said, and also see the data graphically by pressing on the graph icon on the top right!

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