The total student loan debt in the United States alone is $1.6 trillion. This is a number that seems to permanently increase every single year. The average student deals with around $30k in their student loan debt. For years, the government has talked about this. But why aren’t they helping? I personally wanted to create repaid because I felt that there wasn’t enough attention or discussion surrounding the issue of the student loan debt crisis.

It isn’t fair for students to carry the burden of gaining an education. It isn’t fair that we are the only ones who can help ourselves, but given no choice, we will make the best of it.

What it does

Anyone is able to sign up as a student or a sponsor. Upon register, the student is able to view their loan balance as well as transactions they’ve made. Students are able to “recycle” the donations they’ve been given to donate to other students in need. Every time a student donates, when they donate 30% of their given donation to anyone else, that amount is deducted from their loans. Students can also view all the transactions they’ve made as well as download a full receipt.


  • Anonymous identity, your first and last initials with a randomly assigned series of numbers is your ID.
  • Linked to your student loans, so every time it’s deducted it shows.

How I built it

Using Adobe XD to develop the lofi & hifi wireframes and mockups, as well as prototypes.

Challenges I ran into

Completing the project within the given time frame.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully creating a brand design, logo, color scheme, and typography from scratch. Utilizing Adobe XD's prototype functionality to create the mockup screens as well as the presentation slides.

What I learned

To make a mockup view of every single phone screen, even when you don't think you'll need it.

What's next for repaid

To develop this into a fully functional app by implementing it using either React Native or Flutter for the frontend and Firebase as the backend.

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