Running for office is very expensive and time-consuming, thus most of the time only career politicians or the wealthy are able to participate in this process. This is a problem because such people are not representative of their constituents. Therefore, we'd like to democratize the process of running for office so that anyone can participate in this process, making lawmakers more accountable for their actions since their backgrounds will be more similar to the people they represent.

What it does

Think GoFundMe for running for office. This platform allows people to link a YouTube campaign video, accept donations, and share the campaign on social media. More importantly, it also allows other users to search for tags with issues they care about (eg. tax reform, healthcare, etc.) so that they can discover candidates who are running in their area and whose views align with theirs.

How we built it

Django (Python), HTML, CSS, Javascript

What's next for Rep US

We'd like to come up with features that give ordinary citizens the ability to compete with other incumbents/career politicians on the scale of outreach. Right now our platform is limited to spreading the campaign through social media, thus making it difficult to compete with candidates who can use other medium such as TVs, banners, etc.

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