Use Salesforce without using Salesforce! Rep On The Run will automagically log all calls and text messages to your Salesforce account... no manual entry required! Just use your Android phone like you always do. When you're done with a call or text, it'll appear in your Activities under the Contact you just communicated with or in search results. Don't waste time doing data entry... be a Rep On The Run!

Is My Data Safe? Rep On The Run only communicates with Salesforce and only business-related communication with Salesforce contacts are logged. Your personal data and authentication information reside on only your device and with Salesforce.

How does it work? Calls:

  • All calls from Salesforce contacts are logged as a Task.
  • Missed calls are flagged with the status “In Progress”.
  • Inbound and outbound calls are flagged with the status “Completed”.
  • The duration and call time are in the Task description.
  • Example subject: “Call Missed From Paul Stanley - 9:46 AM”
  • Example subject: “Call From Peter Criss - 12:02 PM”
  • Example subject: “Call To Gene Simmons - 8:39 AM” Texts:
  • All texts from Salesforce contacts are logged in one Task per day.
  • Subsequent texts are logged to the same Task (per day).
  • Example subject: “SMS Conversation - Ace Frehley - 2013-11-20”.

NOTE: ONLY communication with Salesforce contacts (based on phone and mobile phone fields) are logged.

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