A common problem for people moving to a new city is finding a good place to live and finally moving in.

What it does

We provide the user a tour of available apartments in localities he wants to live. The user books slots on our app when he can go around looking for houses and where he wants to live and we take care of everything else. Unlike brokers who charge exorbitant rates, we care for our users (ourselves having gone through this pain) and help him find a great place to live.

How I built it

I use exotel for messaging the customer about the tour trip booked and package delivery details. I create google maps API and lot of functions using Jquery to add some more functionalities. PHP backend to take care of authentication and database part.

Challenges I ran into

Cross domain HTTPS post was difficult to get it working.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

added functionalities that i created for my Google Maps API.

What I learned

exotel is easy to use telephony. The APIs are very simple to use.

What's next for Rentr

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