We are looking to rent out our apartment, all we know about the tenant is when we meet them. It will be great if we know certain things about the tenants for example whether the tenant drinks,smokes,has anger issues, depression tendency etc. Having such details will actually help us in renting out to better person.

PS:One of our neighbour rented out to someone who use to fight daily with neighbours although on first meeting the tenant looked perfectly fine. Reports like Genome should have helped us knowing in advance some basic nature of the tenant.

What it does

This is a basic proof of concept where we are using genomics data to help owners in renting out flat to the matching tenants. Also it shows the relevant flats available for rent based on Genomic profile of tenant.

  • Register your profile by choosing any test id of genomics
  • Get properties recommendation based on your genomic score as well as score calculated for the properties posted
  • Owner gets to the see calculated genome score of the tenant and can take better decision of who to rent it out.
  • Accept/Reject tenant interests
  • View My Properties
  • Post a property

So overall know your tenant before you rent out.

How I built it

I have build it using hybrid framework Ionic,Angular with PHP/MySQL as server side.

Challenges I ran into

Proof of concept went fine, now integrating nodejs SDK for login might be challenging. So far we have used Genome get API only.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Basic app came out well, time to add full fledged features now.

What I learned

What's next for Rentome

It contains the basic feature we plan to enhance it further with below mentioned features

  • Photo's upload for property and profile.
  • Machine learning to better suggest properties not only with Rentome score but also considering locality, locality specific behaviors and other features
  • Real time push notifications.
  • Actually renting out online end to end.
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