I have lived in rented apartments and seen that a lot of hard work is done by the landlords in managing all the tenants, so I decided that I will make a platform to make things easy for them.

So our web application provided a platform to both tenant and landlord to generate bill, and manage tenants and all payments.

We built it using web technology, like on the server side we used nodeJS and for frontend we used bootstrap4, jQuery, and other tech like oAuth2.0 and api.

Challenges we faced were that we don't have prior knowledge of how real world development goes on so we have to learn all things side by side.

We a team of 2 single-handedly made the project with all basic features required.

We learned to think from the perspective of the user and develop features that will make their life easier and learned to develop endpoints, api and know the flow of data .

Next we are going to develop a platform for renting houses by using data of landlords and increase their revenue and providing a platform for all users to search rented houses.

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