We constantly buy items, but we are not using those items 24/7.

What it does

Thus, when we are not using those items (in our specific case, subscription services like Netflix or gym subscriptions), we can rent it out to others to use. This way, we can optimize the use of these subscriptions and allow everyone to have the opportunity to access premium services.

How I built it

A simple web interface that lets you search for subscriptions available to you based on your location. Using the IOTA blockchain network, the transactions between the seller and the buyer of these subscriptions would not only be secure but also accountable due to the public nature of the platform.

Challenges I ran into

The design aspect of this large scale problem was difficult to solve, but we approached it by breaking down our need into different aspects and addressing each individually.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Awarded as finalists in the USC Blockathon 2019. Received interest from Ethereum representative/professor and USC Professor to continue development of the project.

What I learned

IOTA, blockchain

What's next for limitless

Get support and go viral!

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