Throughout my college career I have had the unfortunate experience in living in two terrible rental units with landlords that never had my best interest in mind. After entering a living arrangement that gets worse everyday I decided to make something that would prevent other students from falling victim to landlords that take advantage of student housing.

The targeted users are college students that are venturing out from dorm life and are trying to fine a place to live. The site is intended to provide information to make sure that they don't end up living in a rundown house or apartment like I am now.

The website allows users to rate their current landlord and rental unit and connect with roommates based on their lease dates. Users are also able to note when issues take place with the rental, and when they get fixed, if ever. This information will be available to the public, so future renters can know what issues happen with the house and the timeframe in which landlords respond to these events.

Connecting with roommates also allows you to handle paying for utilities easier than ever before by using Venmo to set up automatic payments to whoever has the utilities in their name. Users will also be able to track the amount of money they spend on various utilities and rent over the course of their lease.

The site also provides a forum to allow users to talk to one another when they have issues ranging from things breaking in the house to dealing with an unresponsive landlord.

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