Rentathon demonstrates an offline-first, highly-connected, enterprise stack for building mobile apps through a rental property app. Property managers can create and edit their rental propert listings. Prospective tenants can find rental properties and submit applications.

All data is stored offline, avoiding frustrations caused by network disconnects and variations in latency and bandwidth, but takes advantage of connectivity, when available, to provide real-time data sharing and synchronization with the Salesforce back-end.

The app runs on iOS devices, and is built on top of Cordova (PhoneGap) and Salesforce technology, including SmartStore, REST and SOAP APIs, GoInstant, and Heroku.

Applications fields and screen layouts are managed through standard Salesforce configuration, such as page layouts and field sets, with metadata changes synced automatically and stored offline along with the data.

Security is managed by Salesforce's row-level security and Apex managed sharing.

The app supports multiple languages through the Salesforce Translation Workbench, and localized data formatting through the jQuery Globalize library.

App upgrades are deployed to mobile devices automatically using the HTML5 Application Cache, a Visualforce wrapper, and a static resource containing the app.

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