Inspiration: Often when we travel for events to other universities we come across the pain of accommodation, food and transportation. The idea behind the application is to provide a cheap, safe and convenient travel for students across the globe.

What it does: If you hold a .edu domain the application provides an interface for students to upload the availability of dorms, accessibility to the meal swipes, and the convenience of transportation on campus throughout the world for students who are visiting the respective campuses or places around.

How we built it: STrip is made out of XCode. Swift, Python.

Challenges we ran into: We were unaware of how to make servers to store our data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: To store data on servers we learnt the basics of python to create a server and then host it through Heroku.

What we learned: We learned how to implement servers to store data and expand the usability of the application.

What's next for STrip: We look forward to add new features and functionality to the application. we will have to expand our server implementation in the application to make it completely efficient.

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