When international student come to US, it is difficult to find a house or apartment to rent in a short time if they won't live on campus. Even if Craigslist is useful for renting or posting lease information, so many disorder information make us difficult to find a proper house to rent. Thus we decide to build a web application for make renting easy.

What it does

By inputting compact and standard renting and leasing information in our web application, everyone can find proper house information.

How I built it

Use HTML5+CSS+JS and Bootstrap to build a front end webpage, PHP for backend, mysql for database

Challenges I ran into

can not build a server part for data communication between database and front end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

build a cool home page

What I learned

build a video background webpage rather than a static boring webpage.

What's next for Rent&Lease

develop the whole complete function webpage system and try to develop a smartphone client.

Built With

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