This project was created because we found it necessary to do so. Suppose a real situation that people might buy a product, but only use it once or twice a week, month, or year. Or people may want to test the product functionality before purchasing it. Furthermore, people may want to get extra money to support their families. There are many issues and needs on the renting services. In view of the huge demand for this, therefore, we created a web application called "rentit", which is a web platform that will provide released and available products for customers to rent for a specific period of time instead of buying.

The entire programming language of this application is php code. We follow the SDLC (Project Initiation, Planning, Design, Construction, Testing, and Deployment) framework to build the project. After understanding the customer's pain points and what the system should look like, we spent some time on the creation of the database, because this is virtual for future system construction. Then the UI design and functional participation were discussed. After that we assign tasks to each team member to start building the project. Finally, do a unit test before it was going live.

Challenge: Given that this is the first time all of us have participated in a competition outside of the course, we don't have much experience. The main challenge is the limited build time. Building a project in a week is stressful because errors always occur during the coding process, and we need to resolve it before moving on to the next stage. The second challenge is that we have different programming skills. Some of us are familiar with php code (which is the language we build the project on), but some are unfamiliar, even for the first time heard. This increases the difficulty of the construction and distribution process.

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