RenoTracks was born at Hack4Reno 2013 with an iPhone app and server. The project was a fork of CycleTracks Atlanta, fixed and customized for Reno.

In one year RenoTracks collected over 1300 bike trips, totalling over 11,800 miles, from over 100 installations of the app. RenoTracks proved itself, and created demand for an Android version and more data visualizations.

This year we returned as a sponsor to Hack4Reno, hoping to attract more community-minded contributors to the cause. A fresh team answered the call, completing several goals and adding their own creative ideas. Among the improvements are:

  • a working Android app (development was underway previously but had stagnated)
  • display of collected user notes on the website, including photos
  • display of parks data from

Support for development and hosting RenoTracks is provided by Reno cyclists via the Nevada Bicycle Coalition!

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