The idea for identifying dangerous intersections stems from one of the members on the team who was involved in two accidents in one day in 2014. Both accidents occurred at intersections that have a high instance of accidents. The idea for this project came from the need to identify dangerous intersections, enabling drivers to avoid these intersections or proceed with extra caution.

This resource was built by your fellow Renoites for your benefit! Five technologists that attended the Hack4Reno event met (some for the first time) and formed the team. The team consists of designers, programmers, front-end developers, and IT professionals with a wide range of experience and skill sets. Many in the local Reno technology industry are like minded with the will to contribute and make a difference. Crash.event is a product of the team’s creative use of existing City of Reno data. This was all made possible by the City of Reno’s efforts to open data for positive use for the benefit of Reno citizens.

The project uses Ember.js, ember-CLI, cartoDB, HTML, SASS, CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap and is hosted on Heroku and GitHub pages. The Web application was designed from the ground up based on open source resources and data scrubbed and added to the Open Data Reno Repository.

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