Aquaculture and salmon farming in particular is an important source of animal protein. If done right, then it could provide food to millions more people than today. If done wrong, it can have irreversible environmental damage. For some countries salmon is not just a healthy diet choice, but an important part of culture :)

Salmon farming is highly beneficial and was thought to be a sustainable way. However, the recent research showed that salmon farming dramatically affects the environment and farmed fish can be dangerous for human health [1,2,3].

We wanted to rise the awareness of this problem and support fish farms, which care about nature and consumers health. So we develop a tool which helps customers to learn more about if their choice is actually healthy and green just standing by the shell in the grocery store.

What we do

  • Provide farms with bar-codes
  • Get farms locations and general information about processes
  • Remotely monitor farms to ensure sustainability
  • Build an app, which reads a bar-code on the pack of salmon in your hands and provides you with verified and up-to-date info about sustainability of the farm and other relevant info!

How we built it

With lack of sleep and plenty of coffee.

Challenges I ran into

ESA API is supporting WMS standard. It provides professionals from different areas interested in space observations data systematic & regulated way to fetch actual measurements. However, it makes new-comers to spend a lot of time making a tool do what they would want it to do. We spent most of the time on figuring out what we can actually get and how.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made it work eventually.

What I learned

Space is gorgeous but tough. While ESA and programmes like Copernicus are doing their best to make space observations data accessible there is still a lot of things could be done in that area.

What's next for renlaks

Learn more about ESA data and APIs. Build an actual app.




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