Made at UofTHacks 2015!!


With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we decided the world would be a better place if friends and couples discovered more about each other. With Rendezvous, you can discover each other and discover yourself.

How it works

Both people select their interests and pair devices via Bluetooth. Our server then runs a SQL query on our hand-made graph of interest to hobby parings to calculate which new hobbies you would both be interested in. Tap on a hobby to see Yelp's first result of that activity nearest you.

What we learned

Selflessness is essential for a well-functioning hackathon team. We all wore several hats and delivered based on our strengths. We pulled through with an impressively polished iOS app, and a highly stable Node.js server that we ran on IBM Bluemix.

The graph theory and machine learning was also something that was brand new to everyone on the team.

What's next for Rendezvous

We're looking to expand the list of interests and hobbies and have a means of user defined interests. Preferably, a list of favourites or even a profile to not need to re-select your interests every time you pair. We also want to implement more machine learning to improve our dataset the more people use Rendezvous!

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