We drive in a convoy a lot and communication is the most important aspect to prevent getting lost or having to take a detour. Our goal was developing an application that allowed not just the drivers to be in sync, but everyone else as well.

What it does

It keeps every member of the convoy in sync with each other, on information such as location, whether or not they have stopped, or if they take a detour. Our application also interfaces with the car computer via Bluetooth to analyze and send data statistics. Anything from a flat tire to to needing an oil change. It also gives real time updates to show the GPS location of everyone in the convoy. If any car problems are to arise during transportation, our application will alert everyone in the party what the problem is so that members may take appropriate action to correct these issues.

How I built it

This application runs both in Android and as a web app thanks to a backend API. The Android application handles the tracking and uploading of convoy statistics, while the web app, on the other hand, is aimed primarily at showing other people given access by convoy members information about the trip.

Challenges I ran into

We had to get up to speed mostly with Android development, since we hadn't used most of the APIs that we needed for our application yet.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Mainly completing the API that handles the transmission of data between convoy members.

What I learned

We learned how to develop more complex apps with Android and how to interface with the OBDII diagnostic information, which was definitely new to us.

What's next for Rendezvous

Since it's something that would solve a legitimately important problem, we would say that the next step would finish up polishing the last details, and going for releasing it to the public.

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