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Inspiration 🤔

We wanted to connect people together based on places they can go; our mission is to leverage a digital tool for offline, out-of-home experiences.

Studies have shown that socialization is extremely important. It is a way to boost mental health and increase happiness. However, in modern society, it is hard to go out of your way to meet new people because of busy schedules, or the risk of meeting someone that you won’t click with.

Especially now during Covid, we don't get to have any spontaneous meetings with new people or socialize with our friends as much unless it's over a video call.

What it does ⚒

This is where our app, Rendezvous comes in. Rendezvous does the risky part of socialization for you!

You choose a spot that you want to visit, and we match you up with someone that wants to visit the same place and who shares similar interests as you (kind of like tinder but for making new friends and exploring new places). Satisfaction guaranteed!

No more awkward making the first move -- we make the connections for you, and all you need to do is plan a trip together (while keeping social distancing in mind during Covid)!

User Flow 🌊

  • Users can make an account with their email or sign in with their Google account
  • They can populate their personal profile by selecting their hobbies and interests from a pool of popular interests
  • On the discover page, we recommend interesting places for the users to choose from based on their locations (for example, a newly-opened popular restaurant or a nice hiking trail for a socially-distanced walk). The users can then choose which place they want to visit
  • We match the users based on the locations they choose to visit and their common interests

How we built it 🏗

We built the database using CockroachDB and the backend using Golang. We built our frontend using React and Firebase. To run the backend we created a docker container and were able to easily run that.

Challenges we ran into 💪

At first, we were trying to build the frontend in Next.js, Redux, and use Firebase Auth but it turned out that there weren't many documents and tutorials online to help illustrate how to do that so in the end we decided to stick to a React app and use Firebase Auth with it and create our own context provider.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🏆

We are proud of our idea and how much we were able to accomplish all working together :)

What we learned 🏫

Allen learned some React! Maria learned Firebase! Joanna learned web dev!

What's next for Rendezvous ⌚

Expand to a city near you!

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