When CNET reviewed SpeechGear's Compadre(TM) translator, they said, "At last the Star Trek Universal Translator is here". It's simple, with SpeechGear's products anything being said is simultaneously spoken in a second language. Why is this important to help enhance communication between a student’s school and home? It is a straightforward statistic of which educators are very familiar - one out of every five households in America speaks a language other than English within the home. These products remove that language barrier. Not only for conversations, but also for documents such as homework assignments, letters sent home to parents or guardians, and even presentation slides being shown in the classroom. The products provide this instant automated translation for 38 languages, plus 7/24/365 professional interpreter support for translation of over 200 languages. The result is an affordable system that provides instant communication, in your choice of languages, anytime, anywhere.

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