Our aim is to expand the capabilities of blockchain and make a secure way for transferring NFT between RMRK and MOVR blockchain.

The Bridge

     The newly created bridge REMOV will allow you to safely transfer NFT from RMRK to MOVR and backwards. You will be able to take advantages of both networks!

How we build it

     Our team writes a secure contract which collects your composed NFT on RMRK and reproduces it on the MOVR network.

Challenges we face

     The mechanics and security of transfer and retranslation to MOVR has yet to be worked through.

What we learned

     We have already found out how to make connections between the two networks, discovered ways to implement NFT in the MOVR network and the specifications and uniqueness of NFT on RMRK.

What's next for REMOV

     Our further plan is to supplement the bridge with the ability to transfer NFT from the MOVR network to RMRK.

Additional advantages

      As a result, our team will create a bridge that will also be used in our game called the Battle of Eternity.

      The procedure of returning the bird back from the MOVR network to RMRK usually takes 5 minutes. This is due to the handling of an event in the MOVR network. If you have not received your bird back to the Polkawallet within 10 minutes, please tegeram @daenure


      The ReMov bridge works with LIVE kanaria birds and is under beta testing now. The use of the bridge at this stage is on your own responsibility.

*The private key to the ReMov wallet is kept by the RMRK development team.

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