Latest update (18 May 2020)

Five advanced student programmers from Helsinki University Computer Science Department ("The Home of Linux") have just joined the RemoteSocietyNow project!


Remote work = CO2 down.

Remote work & remote life can become new key efforts in limiting CO2 emissions. We have been forced into an experiment. A unique opportunity to leapfrog over polluting legacy life modes to remote work and "remote everything".

The problem our project solves

Remote work = CO2 down = our planetary life support system survives.

"Take two problems and combine into a bigger solution". Climate change, the virus crisis and work revolution combined! The troublesome Climate Change isn't being taken urgently or seriously. Perhaps it's too big to do something about? Well, now we have something you CAN do; stay home and enjoy while doing it!

Key task: Make Remote Work a Tool Against Climate Change! Get decision makers onboard the idea.

Key finding: Calculation of benefits is possible and reveals big potential which be realized immediately.

Potential impact: Big shift in the way society works, globally.

Ambition level: Save the Planet.

Core interest: Climate.

The solution(s)

Remote work = new tool to make CO2 go down.

An advocacy project based on scientific evidence, AND a business model helping companies make savings and increase productivity! We validate real data which makes sense for business (they save time and expenses because travel is decreased, and ultimately office rent and heating etc. expenses go down)

It also makes sense for governments. For example tax incentives or even emission trading credits for remote work that can be shown to be energy efficient and lessen emissions.

The most enjoyable way to save the planet - remote work !

-- We validate the assumptions and make calculations of the environmental and business benefits of remote work (and remote life by extension). Then- convince society, businesses and governments of the benefits.

We offer tools, dashboards and calculators to inform yourself to 1) reduce business CO2 emissions AND 2) increase company profit AND 3) increase employee wellbeing.

The practical business is implemented through:

-Remote Work benefit calculator which we designed.

-Toolbox for remote work.

-Services for remote work (training & consulting etc).

-Certificate for companies implementing remote work.

-Emission credit trading (a future development).

-Joint ventures.

-Applying for and/or managing public projects (with public-private financing)

Done during the weekend 24-27 April 2020

The project (called FutureSocietyNow) was initially formed earlier this year. In the EU vs Virus hackathon we:

-Designed two Remote work Benefit Calculators (the math & logic for companies and individuals) for onboarding companies, individuals, as well as society's decision makers.

-Got climate science evidence and data directly from several experts.

-Received important feedback from EU officials and experts.

-Developed the business model.

-Recruited team members.

-Got one or two new cooperation partners (discussions have started)

-Upgraded two experimental websites as platforms.

The solution’s impact to the crisis

Remote work = CO2 and other emissions go down.

Making significant contribution towards solving climate change by formulating a systematic tool for it (Remote Work), thereby potentially changing the lives of hundreds of millions of people. If not the whole planet. Acting as a catalyst for a shift in society.

Challenges we ran into

The topic is huge and complex - that's why systemic thinking and data validation is needed. To conquer the elephant as we are blindfolded and only touch the trunk or the tail.

The necessities in order to continue the project

Some funding to improve the business model, platform and software. Climate and environmental science expertise, and coding & UX design expertise. Contacts to EU and other decision makers.

The value of the solution(s) after the crisis

Remote work & remote life mode = CO2 down.

If and when our model, data and methonds are validated in the larger community and experiments, it can help create more resilient, more efficient societies. And help avert the climate crisis. Remote, distrubuted organization is also stronger agains epidemics. Leaping to a new mode, discarding the outdated working modes of the smokestack industry era!

Scalability: If one company can use remote work to reduce X units of emissions, create Y units of savings and increase employee wellbeing by Z units, 1 000 000 similar companies can create approximately 1 million X, 1 million Y and 1 million Z.

Bigger picture:

Remote work = CO2 down.

“Covid crisis created an opportunity to recalculate all economic activity, and their contrubution to climate change and pollution.”

“Covid crisis created opportunity to reconsider how society is organized: chance to leap over ineffective legacy modes from smokestack industrial era.”

“Covid crisis forced us to stay home – now we can keep staying home! And not go back to the old normal.”

What's next for RemoteSocietyNow

Join us to work on it! And help us with EU contacts!

Form remote work into a tool and method, to make CO2 levels go down! The most enjoyable way to fight climate change.

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