What if disabled people can visit Niagara or Everest without leaving their homes or, possible, hospital?

What it does

  1. Go to website
  2. Choose sight or tour
  3. Put on your VR headset
  4. Take control!

How we built it

We working on several targets:

  • capture video streams from 2 action cameras and combine them into stereo stream
  • capture commands from neuro headset and translate them to UV
  • create uv from parts
  • create web project to allow users to choose tours
  • create web project to allow users to provide access to their UV

Challenges we ran into

Omg, literally every single step was a challenge. First of all, we have disassembled vehicle and only after 24h we've prepared it. And after this vehicle works for around 20 minutes, before battery spoiled :) We used dirty hardware hack with drone batteries to solve this. We havn't choosen combo of 2 GoPro because of hard solving addressation problem (we cannot set different IP addresses without reflashing it), so we tried to use GoPro + Xiaomi YI combo. Merging 2 streams with different protocols (rtp for GoPro and rstp for Xiaomi) was also a challenge. We solved it using Skype and screen sharing from computer with both stream opened (btw this computer has 3 physical wi-fi adapters). Parallel, we tried to capture some usefull information from neural interface. After connecting Muse to PC (first we worked with android version, for whole saturday) we figured out, that we used it wrong (it had very high error rate on two sensors). We tried 2 approaches to solve this challenge - structural and with machine learning support. Finally, we used structural principle.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Solving this challenges in field of hardware, VR, algorithms for neural data processing. After all, we have small technical demo :)

What we learned

How to work with:

  • oculus rift
  • muse neuro headset
  • GoPro Hero & Xaomi-Yi video stream
  • create own UV
  • Polymer

What's next for Travel online

We will work on web system to allow users provide and take tours.

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